Sisal Carpets

Sisal Carpets

Using a different natural flooring in your home makes it much easier to create eco-friendly atmosphere. Not only that, natural fiber carpet placement prevents allergies from accumulating but also very durable because of manufacturing. That’s why sisal carpets are one of the first options for many people to lay down in their homes. This carpet is very strong and will stand the test of time.

This carpet is made of long natural fibers of sisal leaves. Sisal belongs to the agave plant family – meaning it is a member of the cactus plant family. Traditionally, the plant grows in Central and South America but can be found and grown in other arid regions such as Africa and Asia. Carpet is one of the many materials that the leaves of a sisal plant can form.


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Sisal Carpets Dubai:

Fabrics and carpets made of natural fibers like sisal are free of chemicals and pesticides. That is why with this type of carpet flooring at home is perfect as as no consequences of producing allergens will occur. This is helpful for families who are having problems like allergies or asthma. Sisal leaves are glued together to form a sturdy and durable fabric that can be turned into a rug or carpet. Some manufacturers have expertise in weaving and there are other handicrafts to provide work to local people.

Sustainable development:

One of the many benefits of sisal carpet is that it is durable. They are made from renewable resources which is a sisal plant. They are environmentally friendly because no chemicals or pesticides are used in carpet production and in plant growth or residue. Carpet emerges from the leaves of plants that regenerate over time. The roots are harmless and are always planted which is why replanting the sisal plant is not necessary. The sisal plant has a life span of 10 years so you have plenty of time to plant more of this plant by continuing to be found and produced.

So the 100 percent natural Sisal carpets are available at in variety of natural colors like beige, off white, and embedded very neatly and in fine textures. So book your best one Sisal carpet today by visiting our website. We deliver all over the Dubai.

Sisal Floor carpets:

Modern Carpet with Modern Design Since they are made of natural products, you can imagine that such carpets are available in only one color and one way. In fact, there are many stylish and modern designs of carpets made of suede that you can find. This is to match the ever-changing taste of modern people and to match many themes with home designs. There are a variety of yarns to choose from such as traditional fabrics or herringbone. You can even find carpeted rugs with decorative borders to add extra style and design to it. Whatever style and design you choose, this carpet creates an exotic and comfortable vibe to any home.

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